About Us

NEW LIGHT STUDIO is a photographic studio specializing in weddings. Reportage is the style that has always characterized us, a modern and spontaneous way of documenting weddings such as to depict the emotions of that special day in a unique and original manner.

We do prefer recounting the event just as it occurs. In other words, we will never ask the bride and bridegroom to pose, but recount their wedding allowing them to live this special day with complete freedom. However, there will be no lack of delicate and moving couple portraits after the ceremony. Our photos are marked by use of natural light, cinematic cut and original viewpoints, with great care for post-production

Our videos follow the same style as the photos, and the film images are marked by the same features: freshness, fantasy and emotion. We are endowed with the most up-to-date video technology: slider, steady-cam up to areal shots by drone.

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